Galápagos Fotos

In association with the e7 Network, SolarQuest® is installing solar-powered internet connections at schools in the Galápagos islands. As students install equipment, they learn about energy and technology with direct hands-on experience.


Photos by Loren Kallevig, David Hodges and Alfonso Tovar

  • Santa Cruz • July • Solar System Installation at Colegio Nacional Galapagos
  • Santa Cruz • March • Baltra and Santa Cruz photos of general interest
  • Santa Cruz • March • Inspection for Solar System and Installation of Weather Station at Colegio Nacional Galapagos
  • San Cristobal • February, March • General
  • San Cristobal • February • Installations at Colegio Ignacio Hernandez
  • San Cristobal • February • Hospital Oskar Jandl

2003 December

Photos by Alfonso Tovar and Berenice Norris

  • San Cristóbal • Installations at Cerro San Patricio, Colegio Ignacio Hernandez, Hospital Oskar Jandl
  • San Cristóbal • Building audits

2003 November

Public Audience: photos by Kal, Alfonso and Marco

More photos by Kal

2003 October

Photos by Kal

2003 August

We began installing energy monitoring sensors and wireless equipment.

Photos by Kal

Birds and scenery as well as people we worked with and the server we installed. There is a botanical garden in Guayaquil that we got to too late for good photos of most things, and that huge river alongside. The birds with blue feet are called Blue Footed Boobies, and there is one with a couple of Red Footed Boobies as well. The big black birds are Frigate Birds, the ones in Guayaquil are unknown. The guy with the tie in Guayaquil is a street corner preacher.

On the way home there are the tops of some mountains peeking thru the clouds (we were at 28,000 feet), a few of Cuba from the air, and then Miami.

Photos by Barb

2003 August

Barb took real pictures (you know, the old-fashioned kind) with Kodak film. These are digitized copies of her photos.

February and March 2002

An exploratory trip was made to the islands to prepare for the program.




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