MicroSolar Galápagos Progress Reports

Reports by Date

February 2005 [ppt]
Allan Baer MicroSolar Galapagos * 2004 * The Year in Review
Septiembre de 2004 Alfonso Tovar Resumen de Actividades del Proyecto de Renovación y Mejora del Sistema Fotovoltáico, Colegio Nacional Galápagos, Puerto Ayora, Cantón Santa Cruz (español)
July 2004 Alfonso Tovar EcoLapagos Project Report, CNG
Mayo de 2004 Alfonso Tovar Sistema Fotovoltaico Existente, CNG (español)
December 2003 Alfonso Tovar Report of activities in Puerto Barquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal Island
December 2003 Ron Swenson The Birthplace of Evolution: From fossil fuels to renewable energy in the Galapagos
August 2003 Ron Swenson MicroSolar Galápagos Progress Report: Objectives of August Work Session and Results Achieved
August 2003 Allan Baer Microsolar Mission Report
July 2003 Alfonso Tovar Ecolapagos Project Report

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