MicroSolar Galápagos Progress Report
2003 August 28

Objectives of August Work Session and Results Achieved

  1. Install energy monitoring equipment at Power Plant and office of ElecGalapagos
  2. Install Network Server at ElecGalápagos office
  3. Inspect Wind Monitoring Stations on San Joaquin and El Niño mountains to determine feasibility of remote monitoring
  4. Install Weather Station
  5. Install internet connections to ElecGalapagos office, Power Plant and one school via wireless terrestrial and satellite links.
  6. Meet with representatives of ENEL to coordinate and begin the RUE/RES portion of the project.
  7. Meet with school officials to determine appropriate location(s) for internet infrastructure, sister school relationships

Energy monitoring. Photo, energy monitoring sensors on one of the Diesel Generators at Centro Térmico. Graph, first cumulative data derived from sensors on all of the Diesel Generators, captured on the DataLogger at the Centro Térmicom, August 5-11, 2003.

Anemometer and telecommunications installation on San Joaquin Mountain

WeatherStation on roof of ElecGalapagos office.

Energy Monitoring. Photo, ElecGalapagos service entrance, installation of Veris clamps. Graph, first data derived from sensors and captured in DataLogger at ElecGalapagos office. Note the dips in usage during the lunch hour and at night.

Server installation at ElecGalapagos office. Samuel Carreño, Systems Analyst, is adminstrator of server.

Installation of antenna next to lighthouse (and cross) on top of Cerro San Patricio

Meeting with computer professors and director at Colegio Ignacio Hernandez. New computers installed. (Note: If operated full time, these computers would each consume over 2 barrels of oil per year.)
Students working in computer lab at Colegio Ignacio Hernandez. Local Area Network cabling for internet connectivity at Colegio Ignacio Hernandez. Similar equipment exists at Universidad San Francisco.